Diesel prices in Nova Scotia will change by at least six cents at midnight and CBC News predicts it will be an increase.

The Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board announced it will invoke its interrupter clause on Monday to adjust the price of diesel. The price of gas will not change.

The interrupter clause lets the Utility and Review Board respond to sudden and significant changes in the petroleum market to adjust Nova Scotia prices ahead of the regular weekly change.

It only does so if it's changing the price by six cents or more per litre.

"The Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board monitors the markets for diesel oil and gasoline daily and, should conditions warrant, may set a new price at any time," Paul Allen, a spokesman for the Utility and Review Board, said in a statement.

"The regular weekly price adjustment is still expected to occur this week in addition to this interruption."

Diesel is currently 141.2 cents a litre.