Deputy sheriff facing drug charges released

A deputy sheriff charged with drug possession has been released on $50,000 bail.

A deputy sheriff charged with drug possession has been released on $50,000 recognizance.

Tyrone David, 40, who faces 12 counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking, was led into Dartmouth provincial court on Tuesday by a team of his former colleagues.

He was arrested Friday at the same courthouse after Halifax Regional Police said they caught David in a drug deal with a 22-year-old woman. Police allege the drugs were destined for the Central Nova Scotia Correctional Facility in Burnside.

The woman, Kathleen Kierans, faces 12 counts of trafficking and will be held in police custody until her bail hearing on Friday.

Sources have told CBC News she is the girlfriend of Jimmy Melvin Jr., who is currently serving time at the Burnside jail.

During David's court appearance, the judge told the lawyers all of the judges at Dartmouth provincial court would recuse themselves from the case because they had worked with the deputy sheriff. A judge from another jurisdiction, which has not been named, will take over the case.

Crown attorney Susan Bour said the prosecution may also seek another lawyer to handle the case.

"It's a serious matter," she said outside the courtroom. "I have been in court many times when he's been working as a sheriff."

David has been released with conditions to keep the peace, have no contact with anyone with a criminal code conviction and not be within 100 metres of any correctional institution or holding facility for prisoners.

He has also been told to avoid his co-accused, not to possess drugs, a cell phone or a pager.

David's next court appearance is Nov. 25.