There are 19 MLAs who won't be returning to the legislature, but while they may have lost the election, they're taking home tax-payer funded cheques that will cushion the blow.

The losing candidates are all entitled to a transition allowance, akin to severance pay.

The total being paid out is close to $874,588. The amount each defeated candidate receives depends on how long they served as an MLA.

Some of the losing candidates are also entitled to an MLA pension.

They're eligible if they served at least five years over two terms and are 55 and older.

There are seven who will be able to collect an MLA pension after they've received their severance.

The total to be paid out will be nearly $400,000 in the first year of their pension.

Kevin Lacey, the Atlantic director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, said Darrell Dexter will receive more in his pension than if he was re-elected and continued working in public service.

“If Mr. Dexter had won his seat in the election, the average MLA salary is about $87,000 dollars a year. Mr. Dexter will receive about $130,000 a year in pension.”

Of the 11 NDP cabinet members running in Tuesday's election, only five will be returning to Province House.

2009 and 2013 Nova Scotia political map