Nova Scotia’s growing debt has one mathematician singing the blues.

The province's finance minister says Nova Scotians should not worry about the growing debt, but others argue the $13.5 billion sum will cause problems for years to come.

Dalhousie mathematician Jason Brown says the total debt comes out to a car-loan sized debt per Nova Scotian.

"So you do the division and what you come out with is about $14,558.80 per person," he said.

The servicing costs — akin to the interest — costs taxpayers $800 million a year.


Jason Brown wrote the book, Our Days Are Numbered. (CBC)

Brown, who once used math to decode the opening chords of a Beatles songs, composed a blues song about debt for the CBC. You can watch it here.

But Graham Steele, the finance minister, said the debt is not that important. "That gets way more emphasis than it deserves. Everybody knew the debt was going to go up," he said.