A dead 15-metre fin whale that has been creating a stink near Port Hastings is gone.

The Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources had the whale towed away to an undisclosed location Thursday morning.

Bruce Nunn, a spokesperson with DNR, says the whale will be buried on Crown land, but scientists will study the mammal first.

"The Marine Animal Response Society was interested in examining the whale. So, we've provided them an opportunity to do a necropsy on the carcass. In other words, they'll cut it open for their own research purposes. So they'll get a chance to do that before we bury the carcass," he said.

Nunn said whale carcasses are usually Fisheries and Oceans Canada's responsibility, but DNR decided to help because of the effects on the community. 

"Because the whale was close to a very public location, the warm weather would cause odour problems, the province decided to step up and fix the problem," he said.

Nunn is not saying where the whale will be buried.  

The province has not decided whether to ask DFO to pay some of the cost of removing the behemoth.