Halifax Regional Police are accusing a woman of driving a stolen car and hitting an RCMP patrol vehicle during a police pursuit in Dartmouth on Tuesday morning.

At 11:10 a.m., officers received a report that a vehicle — which had been stolen in the Windsor area on June 5 — was travelling on Highway 111 toward Dartmouth.

The vehicle was spotted at Wyse and Windmill roads.

Police say the woman, who was headed northbound on Windmill Road, didn't stop for officers and continued driving at a slow speed.

The pursuit was called off on Princess Margaret Boulevard after the driver hit a marked RCMP patrol vehicle. 

Halifax Regional Police say the driver kept going down Princess Margaret Boulevard and lost control of the vehicle at Killkee Gate when she collided head-on with a power pole.

The female driver was transported to hospital and is expected to recover.

Leah Borland

Leah Borland witnessed the police pursuit near her home on Killkee Gate. (CBC)

Leah Borland was standing on Killkee Gate and witnessed the collision.

"She came tearing down, the cops were chasing her, she came flying up around here. The cop car hit her in the arse end, drove her into the pole," she said.

"She took that pole out and it was over then."

James Brewer also heard the commotion from inside his house. He said when the car hit the power pole it shook the whole house.

"I'm just glad they were here to stop it because there's a lot of kids in this area and it would have been a shame for them to see the altercation get worse than what happened here today," he said.