Dartmouth home invasion victim details horrifying break-in

The victim of a home invasion in Dartmouth overnight says he feared he and his girlfriend were going to be killed.

Police investigating an armed robbery and attempted armed robbery in Dartmouth

Devon Fitzsimmons, 24, says he answered a light knock at his door around midnight Wednesday when three masked robbers rushed in and began punching him. (CBC)

The victim of a home invasion that occurred in Dartmouth overnight said he feared he and his girlfriend were going to be killed.

Devon Fitzsimmons, 24, said he answered a light knock at his door around midnight Wednesday when three masked robbers rushed in and began punching him. He said one of the men had a gun.

"I really thought I was going to get shot," he said. “One of them ran over to my girlfriend and started choking her.”

Fitzsimmons said he started to fight back, but was overtaken.

"After a few blows to the head I managed to get my hands on the gun, at that point the other guy started uppercutting me in the face so I had to let go of the gun,” he said.

“Then they put it to my head and said they had a knife to my girlfriend's throat.  So I laid down on the floor and did what they asked ... They could shoot me, I don't care but I can't have my girlfriend getting hurt.”

Fitzsimmons said the robbers bound him with some clothing and then forced him to hand over all his cash earnings as a landscaper, saved for rent, kept in a safe to avoid bank fees.

Repeated thefts

The couple had only moved into the Prince Albert Road apartment less than a month ago. In that time their car was broken into and on another occasion cash was stolen right off the kitchen counter.

They're both physically fine, but are already looking for a new apartment. Fitzsimmons said they'll never feel safe at the apartment again.

Police are still searching for the suspects. 

Fitzsimmons said he has no idea who the men were.

“I don’t hang out with people who do something like that,” he said.

Halifax police say there have been about six break-ins around the neighbourhood this month alone.

Earlier on Tuesday, police were called to a home on Joseph Young Street.

Police said two men were home when two other men — one of whom had a gun — tried to force their way in around 4:20 p.m.

However, the suspects ran away when they couldn't get in.

Police said there is no indication the suspects and victims know each other and it's not clear whether these two incidents are connected.

Anyone with information in relation to these matters is asked to contact the Halifax Regional Police at (902) 490-5020 or Crime Stoppers.