Councillors on the eastern side of Halifax Harbour want to ditch the "Halifax" brand when it comes to signs and flagpoles in their communities.

"The biggest concern is how prominently the brand appears on some of the signs," said Councillor David Hendsbee.

Last summer, some residents of Dartmouth started a petition protesting new signs at Sullivan's Pond and the Burnside Industrial Park. Municipal signs that used to say Halifax Regional Municipality were replaced with a new logo that only uses a Halifax graphic.

A spokesman for the Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission agrees some people are passionate about the issue. But Tim Rissessco says the Halifax brand is needed for national and international marketing.  

"I prefer to focus on the positive," said Rissessco. "I don't see the Dartmouth name disappearing."

But signs in certain rural areas have not been changed.

"We have no loss of identity of our community names on the Eastern Shore at all," said Hendsbee.

The Harbour East Community Council wants staff to look into modifying the branding policies. The request will go to Tuesday's Regional Council meeting.

Hendsbee says even if the policy is modified there shouldn't be any extra costs because signs are only replaced when there is wear or damage.