Rita Tonks

Rita Tonks, who lives on Valleyfield Road, said she didn't know she had been robbed until she woke up and saw damage in her kitchen. (CBC)

Residents living in the Commodore Park neighbourhood of Dartmouth say they're concerned about the safety of seniors living on their street after two elderly women were robbed.

Rita Tonks, who is 88 years old and lives on Valleyfield Road, said she got up for a drink of water at around 4 a.m. on Tuesday when she noticed the lights on and damage in her kitchen.

"I looked down and all I could see was these nails sticking out of the boards and the back door wide open," Tonks told CBC News.

"I went and checked the locks and things were all on the floor and that's when I realized what had happened."

Tonks, who lives alone, said she's hard of hearing and didn't notice until after the thieves were gone that they had stolen her money from the table next to her bed.

"Purse was gone. I could've reached out and touched them and I never woke up," she said.

Another senior citizen living on the same side of Valleyfield Road was also the victim of a burglary on a Sunday while she went to church.

John Miles, a neighbour, said his community was a quiet one until recently.

"She came home, her house had been broken into also. The second one now, within three weeks," he said.

Judith Tonks-O'Rourke, Rita's daughter, said she's fearful her mother was targeted because she lives alone.

"I believe that they were watching her," said Tonks-O'Rourke.

"It's happening so often and to seniors, the defenceless."

Tonks-O'Rourke said she and her siblings will now take turns staying with their mother in the house.

Halifax Regional Police are investigating.