Dangerous rescue earns 3 Halifax firefighters bravery medals

Three Halifax Firefighters are set to receive national decorations for bravery for a daring rescue carried out three years ago.

Three men pulled constable from water at Peggys Cove

Randy Johnson (left), Greg Kutney (middle) and Jason Sparkes are set to receive national decorations for bravery following a daring rescue carried out three years ago. (Rob North/CBC)

Three Halifax firefighters are set to receive national decorations for bravery, following a daring rescue carried out three years ago.

Jason Sparkes, Greg Kutney and Randy Johnson were among the firefighters who received a call about a man washed off the rocks at Peggys Cove during a stormy November day.

During the search for the victim, an RCMP constable was also swept into the waves.

"The waves were just crashing everywhere. I’ve never seen it so bad here before. I remember it just being so very cold," Kutney said.

"We went out. We were looking and looking. Then I was joined by the other firefighters. Jason Sparkes was with me. Then as Jason and I got here we looked out and could see a wave take the RCMP officer."

The three men were able to pull the constable from the ocean, although they were unable to find the original victim.

Sparkes, Kutney and Johnson will travel to Ottawa to receive their decorations from Governor General David Johnston on Thursday.

This is the second time members of Halifax Regional Fire have received the national award.

The decorations for bravery were created in 1972 to recognize people who risked their lives to try to save or protect the lives of others.


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