Drugs stolen from a paramedics bag in Spryfield Tuesday night have prompted a police warning.

While paramedics were on duty at the Emergency Health Services station on Hartlen Avenue, someone came into the station and stole an ambulance equipment bag.   

The bag is red and is clearly marked with the letters “EHS”. The stolen bag contains a number of drugs used for medical crises.   

Halifax Regional Police Const. Pierre Bourdages says the theft poses a risk to public safety.

“If they were stealing this bag in hopes that there would be narcotics in there, they were probably very disappointed because there was no narcotics. The drugs in there were very powerful and could be lethal,” he said.

The warning, issued by both police and EHS, said that the drugs in the bag are for heart and breathing problems. If someone were to swallow or inject them thinking there were narcotics, they could die.

Police are asking anyone who finds the bag to contact them or call 911 if the drugs have been ingested.