Members of the hockey team were asked to sign behavioural contracts on Thursday. (CBC)

Dalhousie University is investigating an alleged hazing incident involving rookie members of its women's hockey team.

University spokesperson Charles Crosby said a first–year athlete approached the team's coach with concerns about the treatment of new players at a private house party in September.

He would not elaborate on what is alleged to have occurred, but said the vice–president of student services has launched an investigation and is interviewing each member of the team.

Crosby said no one was physically hurt in the alleged incident, adding that members signed a so-called behavioural contract on Thursday.

He said athletes could be suspended from games or face other disciplinary measures if the claims are found to be true, but games have not been cancelled as a result of the investigation.

According to the Halifax university's website, there are 24 players on the team with a handful of them first–year members.