Dalhousie University has opened a new Ocean Sciences Facility that it says may change the way ocean science is carried out all over the world.

The facility, which cost $41.5 million to build, will combine scientific research and commercial opportunities.

"We have the possibility here, and we have been funded for these national and international networks of researchers," said Martha Crago, the vice-president of research at Dalhousie.

"This is simply their headquarters, but it is a place that will be bringing people together."

Among the experts is Doug Wallace, the Canada Excellence Research Chair in Oceans Science. He’s received $800,000 to study changes in the ocean.


The algae room will be used to grow organisms for experiments. (CBC)

"There will be labs crammed full of scientific equipment," said Wallace, who said he’s eager to get to work.

The facility includes an algae room to grow organisms for experiments, and a room filled with shipping containers converted into portable labs that can be dropped on any ship.

Wallace and his team will be investigating a unique spot in the Labrador Sea where oxygen is mixed from the shallow ocean into the deep sea.