Two buildings at Dalhousie University and the nearby National Research Council have reopened after they were evacuated by emergency crews earlier Tuesday because of a suspicious odour.

Emergency crews were called to Dalhousie's Life Sciences Centre late Tuesday morning after reports of a strong propane smell in the building.

Gary McCurdy, a division commander with Halifax Regional Fire and Rescue, said when fire crews arrived they pulled the fire alarm to get everyone out of the building.

He said fire crews went into the building with breathing apparatuses and carbon monoxide detectors.

The carbon monoxide detectors showed elevated levels, said McCurdy, but not levels that would be deadly.

As a precaution, Dalhousie's Steele Ocean Sciences Building and the National Research Council building on Oxford Street were later evacuated.

McCurdy said fire crews went through the Life Sciences Centre room by room. 

They concluded the propane odour was coming from the exhaust of a propane-powered forklift being used inside the building to move lab equipment.