All but five rookies on the team were suspended, forcing the Dalhousie women's hockey team to forfeit the enitre season. (YouTube)

Suspended players on the Dalhousie University's women's hockey team say they won't take the school to court over an alleged hazing incident at a house party last fall.

"It is in their best interests to move on with their academic careers at Dalhousie University," read a press release sent on Friday.

Earlier this month, 17 of the 22 players on the team were suspended for the season after an investigation into a September team party.

With only five players remaining — all first-year players — it was impossible to put together a team and the Dalhousie Tigers women's hockey team was forced to forfeit the rest of the season.

The team said rookies were sent out on a scavenger hunt for things like sardines, whip cream and then made to eat them, but argued no players were harmed or forced to drink.

Charles Crosby, a spokesman for the Halifax university, said the party involved "humiliation, intimidation and excessive drinking."

Many of the team's players were "put in harm's way" both physically and psychologically, Crosby said.

Tom Traves, president of Dalhousie, upheld the decision to suspend most of the team after meeting with senior members on Monday.

Still, the team maintains the way Dalhousie University handled their case was "unfair." They said it "failed to treat the suspended players as individuals."

Despite the change of heart, the players said they still think they would have won their legal case.