It's been more than a week since CBC News broke the story about the Dalhousie University dental school misogynistic Facebook posts and now some alumni are speaking out about how the school has handled the situation.

Dr. James Bonaparte, a graduate of the school of medicine and a surgeon, says even his patients in Ottawa are talking about the class of 2015 DDS Gentlemen's Club Facebook group.

"I talk to my patients, we had some small talk and when I mentioned Dalhousie, their response was that you went to the rape school," he said.

Won't donate this year

Bonaparte says he's disappointed in the way the university has responded to the crisis. He feels the damage being done extends well beyond the immediate situation.

"This has now gone beyond the Dal school of dentistry," he said. "This is starting to affect a lot of people, ruin their reputation and hurt the reputation of the school."

Bonaparte says he was planning to donate to the university this year, but will not because of the weak response to the scandal.

Others have taken to social media to express similar intentions.

On Facebook, someone posting under the name Doug Cooke says: "No donation to Dal this year. I'm disgusted by my alma mater's timid response to the DDS scandal."

Facebook post

One of the alumni posts about Dalhousie scandal. (Facebook)

Another Facebook posting on Merle Richardson's page says: "As a woman, a graduate, no more money donated to Dalhousie from me! I am really ticked."

Also online, a petition calling for the expulsion of the male students continues to grow. By Tuesday afternoon, more than 42,000 signatures had been collected.

CBC News contacted Dalhousie today to see what feedback it has received from alumni and whether this controversy is hurting its fundraising efforts. No one from the university responded to our request.