About 200 people protested at Dalhousie University in Halifax today to demand action over misogynistic Facebook comments by some men in the faculty of dentistry.

The protesters marched between the faculty's building and Dalhousie President Richard Florizone's office.

Jordan Roberts, who helped organize the protest, said Dalhousie University should have expelled the male students who were members of the Facebook group where the comments were posted, rather than opt for a restorative justice process.

"I think it's appalling that Dalhousie would still give accreditation to these male students when they have said the kinds of things they would do with that kind of power," she said.

"I think expulsion is the answer."

People are upset after a series of allegations that have rocked the university's faculty of dentistry since the existence of a Facebook group containing misogynistic and sexually explicit comments came to light.

In one of the posts, male students in the group voted on which woman they'd like to have "hate" sex with and joked about using chloroform on women.

Many are upset about the restorative justice process that has been chosen, instead of harsher penalties for those alleged to have made the comments.

Many in the crowd are calling for the expulsion of the men involved in the so-called Class of DDS 2015 Gentlemen Facebook page.

CBC News is there, you can follow the latest on the live blog below.