Dalhousie University's board of governors voted Wednesday to bulldoze the Dalhousie Memorial Arena to make way for new residences on campus.

Not everyone is happy with the rink coming down.

The Dalhousie Tigers hockey team will have to look for a new place to play after next April, when the arena will be taken down.

Not only are the Tigers homeless for next season, many people and groups rent ice time from the rink.

The board says the 30-year-old rink needs a new roof. While it's unique looking, the cost is estimated to be more than $4 million to replace it.

Jeff Lamb, facilities manager with Dalhousie University, says a new arena will be built somewhere on campus in 2014.

"Part of the decision is making sure ... we have had discussions with other ice surfaces in town. No commitments at this point in time," Lamb told CBC News.

"To use the cliché. It's short term pain for long term gain," he said.

People who use the rink hope the university will have a change of heart.

"Especially for the hockey teams and stuff — they won't have a place to play or call home," said player Aiden Rafuse.

"I do hope they delay the decision a bit. 2012 is a little rushed to demolish it. and students don't really know what's going on," said Rob Owen, who also plays hockey at the arena. "I think more information would be good.  And if everyone had input on it."