Cycle enthusiasts in Halifax took a guided tour of three potential bike corridors across the peninsula Tuesday night.

The city is creating a north-south cycling corridor to make the peninsula more bike-friendly, according to staff. The route options range from a painted lane on a major artery to lanes along quieter streets. 

David MacIsaac led the tour and said the corridor could increase safety and encourage cycling in the city.

"The idea with a local street bikeway is that it's a street where cyclists have the priority, but it's a shared route with vehicles," said MacIsaac.

He received feedback from cyclists on the tour.

"Each of those routes has some positive and some negatives. There are obviously some concerns about where we'd have to remove some on street parking and so we have to take those seriously as well," he said.

Parking would have to be removed to accommodate some routes, but Clive MacGregor of the Halifax Cycling Coalition said that is not necessarily bad for local businesses.

"One thing to remember is cyclists are shoppers too. In many cases where cycle lanes have been put in, although initial reaction from businesses have been negative, within probably a couple of years, evidence shows the businesses actually like the results."

The city will hold three more public rides this summer and evaluate their findings before council makes the final decision.

The new route could be in place as early as next year