A Halifax cyclist is calling for improved safety after an accident sent him to hospital.

Brenden Sommerhalder suffered a broken rib and lacerated kidney after an incident on Agricola Street.

"There needs to be some bike control. Some better permanent control or protection. I think a bike lane makes a lot of sense there," he said Wednesday.

Sommerhalder was cycling on the road two days ago when a parked car pulled out in front of him. The cyclist swerved to avoid it and crashed. The motorist stopped to help him. No charges are expected.

Sommerhalder says "it could have been avoided" with a bike lane.


Brenden Sommerhalder suffered a broken rib and lacerated kidney. (CBC)

The city considered adding a bike lane to Agricola, but many locals and businesses said it would further crowd a narrow street and remove needed parking.

After extensive public consultation, city staff recommended a bike lane on Windsor, Vernon and Seymour streets earlier this year.

Sommerhalder said safety is a community effort.

"Is it not worth having safe streets for everyone? No matter what mode of transportation," he said. "I think business, residential folks and everyone should make that trade off. And I think it's an easy one."

He hopes to be released from hospital Thursday.