Cape Breton should cut its transit service by 33 per cent to save $600,000, a utilities manager in the municipality said Wednesday. 

Mike MacKeigan said cutting transit hours from 600 to 400 a week would help Cape Breton Regional Municipality balance its budget.

"That's the fundamental principle by which I'm trying to operate. If you don't do something about the service we currently have, you're jeopardizing the entire service," he said.

"Is that what you want to do? And I believe I heard the answer before: no, it's not what we want."

The reduction would save $600,000 a year, he said. MacKeigan also advocated for a strategy to increase readership. 

He called for:

  • More service for the campuses of the Nova Scotia Community College and Cape Breton University
  • A $2 fare for the entire system
  • Adding 40 hours a week to Handi-Trans system

Dozens of jobs could be slashed, transit spending cut and the Centennial Arena closed as the Cape Breton Regional Municipality grapples with a budget shortfall in the millions of dollars.