A Nova Scotia woman who uses an electric scooter says she can’t easily travel in the Maritimes because the interprovincial bus service is not accessible.

"It's very frustrating because I have friends all over this province since I moved here just over a year ago and I can't and I hate that word can't," said Emily Daigle.

According to the provincial regulations, Maritime Bus doesn't have to be wheelchair accessible.

Owner Mike Cassidy said it was impossible for his company to have accessible buses on the road when they opened Dec. 1, 2012.


Emily Daigle says she can't use Maritime Bus. (CBC)


He said they will be offering one next month.

"It takes four months to get the bus delivered but my first priority was to get the business set up to make sure it was sustainable. And now after seven months later we have received a bus and it is underneath the regulations and inspection of the UARB," said Cassidy.

Cassidy said if there’s a demand for accessible buses he’ll look into ordering more.

The base price for a 30 seat bus is about $145,000. Cassidy said outfitting it to be wheelchair accessible jacks the price by $15,000.

Daigle says she’s not satisfied.

"It's just another proverbial nail in the coffin of living here. I love it here. I love the people. The people in this province are incredible, but the accessibility," she said.

She said she’s thinking about moving back to Ontario where most transit is wheelchair friendly.