A committee formed to look at crosswalk safety is going to release its report on Thursday.

One of most recent collisions between a car and a pedestrian happened Tuesday night at a marked crosswalk at the corner of Main Street and Lake Major Road in Dartmouth.

The 30-year-old driver was given a ticket for $687.

Barry Dalrymple, chair of the Crosswalk Safety Advisory Committee, said a ticket and four points from your driver's licence isn't enough.

"We're not recommending an increase in fines, the fines are very high. We are recommending maybe you should have your license reviewed, maybe you should have to re-test or take a defensive driving course," he said.

The committee has more ideas.

It wants to hire two civilian staffers to help police count the number of crosswalk collisions.

On Wednesday afternoon, Halifax Regional Police said it had underestimated the number of collisions so far this year between pedestrians and vehicles. Their data suggested there were 10 — they corrected that and put the number at 16.

"That's one of the problems here trying to compare ourselves to other places. Nobody really has the data. Nobody has really followed this. The RCMP and the HRP have made a really strong effort in the last six months in particular," said Dalrymple.

"We implemented a new reporting procedure to make sure we actually capture all these collisions in HRM," said Halifax Regional Police Const. Pierre Bourdages.

"That should alleviate any more discrepancies on a go-forward basis."

Among the other recommendations are flags at crosswalks, more painted lines on the roads at crosswalks, pruning trees where they block crosswalk signs, more signs and lower speed limits.

The Crosswalk Safety Advisory Committee’s report will go to council for debate some time in March.   

If all of its recommendations are approved, it will cost the Halifax Regional Municipality about $300,000.