A new report from the Halifax Regional Municipality recommends changing the crosswalks look to make them safer after the number of car-pedestrian collisions climbs.

There have been 41 car-pedestrian accidents in Halifax area so far this year.

Half of those accidents happened in a crosswalk. In the last 55 days, 22 people in the city have been hit by a car while in a crosswalk.

This time of year, many crosswalks around the city are easy to miss and the fading lines won't be repainted until the spring.  At busy crossings, it can be hard for drivers to see the signs.

City council released an online report Monday, that recommends painting “zebra” lines on all uncontrolled crosswalks — those crossings that are without a light or a stop sign.

Bold, white painted lines have been popular in larger cities and the report argues it could make Halifax intersections safer for pedestrians.

“The number of incidents continues to rise and that's in spite of all the media attention, in spite of the distraction kills campaign. There are things that are being done but it's not solving the issue,” said Norm Collins, Crosswalk Safety Advocate.

Proposed crosswalk changes will cost the city $155,000 and an additional $85,000 to maintain.

Collins said he would have liked to see a cheaper option, but said it's a good first step.

“We're finally doing something and that is a step in the right direction,” he said.

Painting zebra lines is just one part of a comprehensive plan to crack down on crosswalk accidents.

City council is also looking at police enforcement, pedestrian education, and the use of crosswalk flags and reflective tape at crossings.

City council meets Tuesday morning to vote on the recommendation. Councillors who spoke to CBC News said the recommendation will likely pass.