A crosswalk safety advocate is hoping a new website will lead to crosswalk improvements in the Halifax Regional Municipality.

Norm Collins, who has been an advocate for crosswalk safety for the past five years, has created friction with city traffic officials in the past by promoting the use of crossing flags along the Waverley Road in Dartmouth.  

He said the number of collisions show that crosswalk improvements are needed.  

According to Halifax police statistics, the number of injuries from crosswalk incidents increased from 115 to 140 between 2011 and 2012.

So far this year there have been an estimated 30 incidents of pedestrian injury at HRM crosswalks.

"It is frightening and it’s all the more reason why HRM, the traffic authority, traffic, councillors and the public should be more attentive to crosswalk safety issues and I’m hopeful this site is part of that process," said Collins.

Collins’ suggests a number of ways to improve crosswalk safety:

  • In-pavement LED markers that flash when pedestrians activate the crosswalk lights.
  • Reflective tape on crosswalk poles to make them more visible.
  • Crosswalk flags provided at crossings that pedestrians can use.
  • Advance caution signs to alert drivers to nearby crossings.
  • Improved lighting around crosswalks

Besides statistics and suggestions on making crossings safer, the website also has quizzes for both adults and children.

Collins hopes the school board will use the site early in the school year.  

The website is crosswalksafety.ca.