A crosswalk safety advocate says he's disappointed Halifax regional council won't hasten the implementation of several recommendations to improve pedestrian safety.

Councillors approved all 30 recommendations of a crosswalk safety report on Tuesday. The changes involve education campaigns, increased enforcement and a series of suggestions on how to make crosswalks themselves more visible and safer.

But Norm Collins of Dartmouth wanted some of the ideas to be done within weeks. He calls the collision statistics "alarming."

"We've had over 50 collisions in HRM already and it's only the beginning of March. HRP reported 78, I believe was the number, for all of last year. It is just skyrocketing and we need a lot more than just forwarding the recommendations onto staff in some undetermined time frame," he said.

"Crosswalks flags, reflective tape and pedestrian signs — we need to actually do something."

Some councillors said they hope to see some changes by summer.  

Coun. Darren Fisher said he's pleased with council’s endorsement, but warns the improvements won't bring an end to all pedestrian-vehicle collisions.

"We can light things up and zebra stripe them and I think that will help, but if you're not looking at that crosswalk and you're not paying attention as a driver — that person is going to potentially be hit," he said.