Eight intersections in the Halifax Regional Municipality will no longer be staffed by crossing guards, say Halifax Regional Police.

Police say a recent assessment — conducted on clear days in November, January and February — considered several criteria including the volume of elementary students who use the crosswalk when a crossing guard is present, the volume and speed of cars going by, where it's located, the presence or absence of traffic control devices and signs.

The assessment found 21 crosswalks were not meeting the criteria to justify keeping a crossing guard.

But, high traffic volumes and other safety concerns warranted the continued presence of a guard at 13 of them.

The remaining eight intersections will no longer be staffed with a crossing guard starting in September:

  • Duffus and Agricola streets near St. Stephen's Elementary School in Halifax.
  • Inglis and South Park streets near Inglis Street Elementary School in Halifax.
  • Flamingo Drive and Oriole Street near École Rockingham School in Halifax.
  • Kearney Lake Road and Wedgewood Drive near École Grosvenor Wentworth Park School in Halifax.
  • Mount Edward Road and Brigadoon Avenue near Mount Edward Elementary School in Dartmouth.
  • Waverley Road and Montebello Drive near Michael Wallace Elementary School in Dartmouth.
  • Colby and Delta drives near Colby Village Elementary School in Cole Harbour.
  • Riverside Drive and Candlewood Lane near Sycamore Lane Elementary School in Lower Sackville.

Since Sackville Centennial Elementary is closing, there will no longer be a crossing guard posted there either.

"We value the services provided by our crossing guards and, through this assessment, are ensuring they're in place where they're most needed so they continue to enhance road safety and help keep our children safe," said Halifax Regional Police Const. Pierre Bourdages.

"It's simply not feasible to have a crossing guard at every intersection throughout the municipality which is why we conduct regular assessments."

Bourdages said if new schools open or are amalgamated, the need for crossing guards may be reassessed.