Police in Truro, N.S., seized medieval-style maces, crossbows, a samurai sword, handguns and six stun guns in a drug raid Tuesday.

One item was a necklace that concealed a knife.

The unusual arsenal of 32 prohibited weapons was found in an apartment at 1098 Prince Street, along with $1,100 in cash.

Peter Muise, 48, was arrested. He’s in jail facing drugs and weapons charges and is due in court Wednesday.

David MacNeil, chief of the Truro police service, said they also made a small drug seizure. Officers took hydromorphone pills with a street value of $3,000. They also took 200 grams of marijuana worth $2,000.

MacNeil said the weapons were the real concern and not the type normally seized in a drug raid. He said they were especially concerned about the loaded handgun, crossbows and stun guns. 

"Community safety is paramount," he said. "In the hands of the wrong person they could be used for an armed robbery, a robbery on a person or an assault."