Fans are eagerly awaiting to hear about hockey star Sidney Crosby’s status after a deflected puck to the face broke his jaw, a month before the NHL playoffs.

During Saturday’s game Crosby, the leading scorer in the NHL, was struck in the face by a deflected slap shot from teammate Brooks Orpik in the early minutes of play against the New York Islanders.

Crosby lost several teeth and required surgery for the injury.

There is some concern that Crosby’s injury may put him out of the playoffs for the Pittsburgh Penguins who are on a 15-game winning streak and currently to top-ranked team in the NHL.

Brian Lewis, a Halifax beer-league player, said injuries are all part of the game.

"Well I mean, that’s the price they pay. He’s only got half a visor on. Look at us, we don't have any. We’ve all been smashed in the face with broken teeth. It’s part of hockey," he said.

Halifax Moosehead Brian Lovell broke his jaw in February after his face found itself at the end of an opponent’s stick.

Dental surgeon and Cole Harbour native Dr. Mendo Davidson said everyone back home is rooting for Crosby.

But he said jaw fractures usually take longer than four weeks to fully heal. Davidson saidthe fact that Crosby doesn't need his jaw wired shut is a good sign, but said that the facial bones are delicate.

"And it can be re-injured too if he’s playing too soon, if he were to play I’d recommend he wear a full face [mask] because if he gets re-injured then he’ll be facing more trouble," he said.

The Penguins managers said they will have an update on Crosby later in the week.