Crews work to restore power to final few in Cape Breton

A handful of homes are still without electricity in Cape Breton days after wind gusts and a snowstorm damaged power lines and equipment.

Snow collapses roof in Sydney; school boards trying to make up for days lost to storms

The roof of Polysteel Atlantic Ltd. in Sydney has collapsed under the weight of snow. 0:53

A handful of homes are still without electricity in Cape Breton, days after wind gusts and a snowstorm damaged power lines and equipment.

The storm dumped significant amounts of snow in Cape Breton. Schools closed and the roof of a Sydney manufacturer collapsed under the weight of snow and ice.

Crews have been making progress getting power restored and fewer than 50 customers are still out.

Natasha Burke of Lorraine has been without power since Sunday night. She’s been staying in a travel trailer she normally uses for camping because it can be hooked up to a generator.

"It's been very difficult for people… with no running water in a rural area," she said. "If you don't have a generator, you’re out of water.

"And the extra added expense for fuel for generators and being told all week, 'Oh another 12 hours, another 12 hours.' Here we are Friday morning and still no power, with no power until Saturday evening."

In Sydney, the roof of Atlantic Polysteel Inc. has collapsed. The company makes rope for fishing and other industrial applications. 

The steel roof failed where the main building connects to an extension. No one was inside at the time.

It’s been a bad winter for school cancellations. Students with the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board have been forced to miss class 15 times this year; 18 times for those attending schools north of Cape Smokey.

Susan Kelley, the school board's director of programs and student services, says teachers are concentrating on core curriculum to make up for lost time. That means there won't be time for other activities, like guest speakers.

"We need teachers in front of students following curriculum as closely as they can," Kelley said.