Crackers the duck eludes another rescue attempt

A group of people are trying to capture an odd duck that made its home in Halifax's historic heart shaped pond in Hemlock Ravine Park earlier this summer.
Crackers the duck outsmarted her rescuers Friday morning. Here are scenes from the attempt. 1:15

A clever duck has evaded her rescuers in Halifax this morning.

'Crackers', an Indian Runner duck, is a ground-dweller and can't fly. She mysteriously appeared in the heart-shaped pond in Hemlock Ravine Park earlier this summer.

But neighbours fear she won't survive the winter when the pond freezes in a few months.

Friday morning, six people armed with blankets and butterfly nets attempted to scoop up the duck, but Crackers had other plans.

"The duck was too clever and evaded them," said the CBC's Steve Lawrence. "It managed to jump back into the pond and is now just hanging out with friends."

The rescuers used food to try to lure the duck out of the water, but after 45 minutes, they gave up.

New home for Crackers

People armed with blankets tried to nab the quick-thinking duck. (Steve Lawrence/CBC)

This isn't the first time the duck-catchers have tried to nab Crackers.

"We faked a couple of attempts already but they did not work," laughed Edith Clattenburg, who lives beside the pond. "She had the last quack on us several times."

Once Crackers is caught, she'll be sent to the Briar Patch, a farm and nursery in South Berwick.

"She'll be with her own kind," said Clattenburg, who will miss her unique neighbour.

Clattenburg believes the duck won't have any trouble making friends.

"She's welcomed every duck that lands here," she said. "She's just been a delight for everyone in the community. She's going to be missed."

The rescuers plan to return to the pond Saturday morning. They're hoping a bigger crowd will turn out and help corner the duck. They said they'll also come prepared to go into the water if Crackers tries another swimming escape.