Coyote warning signs have been posted in Laurie Park, a popular park outside of Halifax.

The signs are obvious upon entering the park. Some signs advise visitors to keep dogs on a leash, while others tell people what to do if they encounter a coyote.


The signs are obvious upon entering the park. (CBC)

One area with coyote traps is cordoned off from the public.

"I was really surprised when I came in and saw the signs," said Judy Jones, a regular visitor to Laurie Park near Grand Lake.

Jones said she has spotted all kinds of wildlife during her park visits but never a coyote.  

While she isn't worried they might be lurking in the woods, others are wary.

"I've got my little guys with me and explained to them on the way in what to do if we came across anything," said Nick Cassis, a father with two young boys. He also has a puppy.


Park goers are being asked to keep a close eye on pets and children. (CBC)

Larry Phillips lives in the area. He saw the warning signs for the first time on Monday but said he wasn't surprised.

"They're in our backyards," said Phillips. "We know they're around so we just have to be careful."

The signs and the trap were placed within the last few weeks, though, what prompted the move is unknown.

CBC News was unable to reach anyone in the Department of Natural Resources for a comment.