Coyote attacks man on N.S. farm

An aggressive coyote attacked a man Saturday on his farm in Milford Station, Hants County — about 60 kilometres east of Halifax.

An aggressive coyote attacked a man Saturday on his farm in Milford Station, Hants County, about 60 kilometres east of Halifax.

The coyote tore at the back of his jacket and glove, but the man was unharmed, the Department of Natural Resources said in a news release Monday.

Natural Resources staff are investigating on-site, and a trained trapper has been called in to try and catch the animal, the department said.

"Our department takes any incident involving an aggressive coyote very seriously," Natural Resources Minister Charlie Parker said in the release.

"Ensuring the safety of all Nova Scotians is our main priority."

Last month, an aggressive coyote attacked a meter reader with Nova Scotia Power in the Spryfield area of Halifax.

The man walked around a building at a farm museum in an urban area on Rockingstone Road and came across one adult coyote and two younger animals.

The adult coyote leaped up and bit the man on the arm. He was wearing a bulky winter jacket, so the bite didn't perforate his jacket, but it did leave teeth marks.

Natural Resources officials said if faced with an aggressive coyote, people should back away, act large, make noise and fight back.

Last April, the department implemented a four-part program to deal with aggressive coyotes that threaten human safety. 13 experienced trappers were selected and provided specialized training in October to deal with situations where aggressive coyotes must be removed.

A wildlife conflict biologist was hired July 1, 2010, and staff continue to provide public education. Formal educational materials are being developed for Nova Scotians and public schools.

Trapping season ends March 31. Final numbers will be available later in the spring, which will help the department examine the effectiveness of the program.