A new campaign is using a shocked look from NHL star Sidney Crosby to make a point about how female athletes are covered in the media.

A Youtube video from the #CoverTheAthlete campaign splices together reaction shots from male athletes with questions that female athletes have actually been asked by interviewers.

The video kicks off with a clip showing Crosby answering media questions. A voiceover asks: "You're getting a lot of fans here, a lot of them are female and they want to know: If you could date anyone in the world, who would you date?"

Sidney Crosby's shocked expression says it all. It's a question Crosby has never actually been asked, but it was put to Canadian tennis star Genie Bouchard by a sports commentator for Australia's Channel 7.

"Male sports coverage would never sound like this. How come female coverage does?" the video asks.

The makers of the video adapted questions asked of female athletes to fit existing news clips of male athletes like Crosby, "in order to show how ridiculous it is that female athletes are asked these questions."

"Can you give us a twirl and tell us about your outfit?" an Australian interviewer asks Bouchard after a match.

The campaign highlights the way sports media discusses women's clothes, appearance and sex appeal and is urging sports media to #CoverTheAthlete.

Watch the whole video below: