Melissa Merritt, Christopher Fattore

Melissa Merritt and her partner, Christopher Fattore, were arrested near Bridgewater, N.S., on Tuesday. They face two counts each of first-degree murder. (Court sketch)

A couple arrested in Nova Scotia in connection with the deaths of a mother and son from Mississauga, Ont., have been remanded so they can be flown back to Ontario to face charges.

Melissa Merritt, 33, and Christopher Fattore, 36, who live common law, each faces two counts of first-degree murder in Ontario.

"The request was what's commonly called a six-day remand," said Crown prosecutor Ron Lacey.

"That allows the arresting agency, in this case Peel Regional Police, time to come down, take the individuals back to where the crimes are alleged to have been committed and then the individuals will face those charges there."

The couple was arrested on Tuesday in the community of Italy Cross, near Bridgewater.

Merritt and Fattore are accused of killing Merritt's former husband, Caleb Harrison, 41, last August and his mother Bridget three years ago.

Police said both mother and son died of asphyxiation.

Barbara Eisener, 77, lives next door to the Italy Cross home and said her son rented to the couple.

“I was very shocked because they seemed to be such nice people  They'd been here for three months and they were really nice,” she said.

Eisener said the eldest child living in the home would sometimes shovel snow off her steps.

“I knew three of their kids and they were fine children. I knew the two oldest ones the best and the oldest boy used to come and shovel my walkway and my steps when it snowed and he was such a nice boy,” she said.

She said the whole ordeal has shaken her.

"I worry about the children, where they’re going to go because they were really nice children and I’m concerned over their welfare,” said Eisener.

She said this is not the type of thing that normally happens in Italy Cross

“Definitely not, no. And I hope it never happens again.”

Police believe Merritt and Fattore had been living in Nova Scotia for about four months prior to their arrest.