Volunteers with the Nature Conservancy of Canada cleared tires, a couch and lobster traps from a beach in Shelburne County this weekend.

In total, more than 68 kilograms of trash was removed. 

The cleanup on the key coastline will protect endangered shorebirds said Andrew Holland, spokesman for the conservancy.

The conservancy worked with Bird Studies Canada to restore the beach at Johnston's Pond Nature Reserve.

"The site is on the Atlantic Ocean and is an important nesting and breeding site for the piping plover, a national endangered species with less than 6,000 remaining in the world," Holland said. 

Volunteers hauled away 20 lobster traps. The local municipality and the Department of Natural Resources helped get rid of the garbage. 

"There are signs the migration of the endangered piping plover has started. Crews spotted one of the little birds," Holland said. 

The birds usually arrive in early spring, but stayed away during the extended wintry weather.