The 83-year-old Cornwallis Inn is a King's County landmark. (

A Kentville, N.S. landmark is under a fire watch as the Cornwallis Inn’s fire alarms fall short of meeting provincial standards, say fire officials.

King’s County Fire Inspector Rick Corkum said the 83-year-old building is a fire hazard and has issued warnings to people living in the building to be on high alert.

“The fire alarm system was not being monitored, in the old part of the building. That's the way we felt, anyway. And the sprinkler system wasn't working properly,” said Corkum.

He said the fire watch will remain in place until the building’s owner fixes the problems. Until then, commissionaires have to walk around the building every half hour, checking for fires.  

In 1930 when this inn was built, it was touted as fire-proof because of its concrete structure.

In 1976 it was renovated, and made into apartments.

People have been living in the Cornwallis Inn ever since.

Mary Welch has lived in the building for two years, she said she’s not concerned about the building’s safety when it comes to fire.

“I never give it a thought because I know the care and the safety of the building,” she said.

Corkum said without the 24-hour patrol, residents would have to be evacuated.

“That was one of our options,” he said. “But we really didn't want to go there if nobody would have cooperated that's probably the next step we would have taken.”

It's not clear how long the fire watch will last.

The owner of the building wasn't available for comment.