A notorious violent sex offender who was convicted of attacks on several women in Halifax in the late 1990s will remain locked up.  

William Shrubsall, 41, legally changed his name to Ethan "Simon Templar" MacLeod. Simon Templar is the name of a movie and television character.  

MacLeod is serving an indefinite sentence after being declared a dangerous offender on aggravated sexual assault, choking and confinement convictions.  

When he was a teenager living in the U.S. he killed his mother with a baseball bat.    

The parole board listed a few reasons why MacLeod was denied parole.  

The board said his "participation in an incident involving distributing pornography with descriptive stories of sexual content is very serious."  

In addition, despite years of therapy, the board said he is still "assessed as a high risk to re-offend violently, sexually and generally."