A Nova Scotia man convicted of manslaughter for killing his girlfriend is being given permission to have more contact with a family member.

James Leroy Leopold was sentenced to six years in prison for killing Laura Lee Robertson in their Liverpool apartment in 2011. He hid her body in the woods and reported her missing. He was arrested several weeks later.

Leopold was released on day parole in June 2015, but he was arrested again weeks later for breaching his release conditions.

Leopold was freed on statutory release in July of this year. His release conditions included that he have no direct or indirect contact with any member of the victim's family.

But in a decision earlier this month, the Parole Board of Canada agreed to modify that release condition.

That release condition now reads "unless communications are necessary for the purposes of judicial procedures, the exercise of parental rights, mediation sessions or other such requirements, with prior written permission from your parole supervisor."

The board said the changes are necessary because a member of the victim's family who is also in Leopold's close family circle wants to have contact with him. The decision does not identify that family member.

Leopold has multiple convictions for domestic violence, as well as for impaired driving, possessing drugs and threatening people. On one occasion, he tied up a woman with duct tape and threatened to kill himself.