The Parole Board of Canada is imposing strict conditions on a 49-year-old Halifax woman who's about to be released from prison.

Lesa George is near the end of a 32-month sentence for a series of fraud convictions.  

She was sent to prison in December, 2011 after pleading guilty to defrauding 15 people and institutions.

Some of the charges date back to 2006 and it took more than a year for the case to make its way through the courts.

George was denied parole when she applied in August, 2012.  

At the time, the Parole Board told George, "Your institutional behaviour has been problematic, including interpersonal issues with and vindictive behaviours toward other offenders; taking medications not prescribed to you, refusing to cooperate with the Security Intelligence Officer, and making inappropriate comments to staff."

George has now reached the statutory release time and cannot be held in prison any longer.  

However, the Parole Board is attaching strict conditions to her freedom.

George is required to report all relationships to her parole supervisor.  She's not allowed to be self-employed or operate a business. She's not allowed to get cheques, credit cards, debit cards or bank cards without prior approval from her parole supervisor.

Those conditions will start when she's released on May 12 and will continue until the expiry of her warrant, which is in January 2014.