Convergys closing New Glasgow call centre

The Convergys call centre in New Glasgow, N.S., is closing.

300 jobs at risk after Sept. 28 shuttering

Convergys is closing this call centre in September. (Richard Cuthbertson/CBC)

The Convergys call centre in New Glasgow, N.S., is closing. 

The company will shutter the site on Sept. 28. About 300 people work at the centre. 

Company spokeswoman Brooke Beiting says it was a business decision. The work being done in New Glasgow will now go to other Convergys call centres.

Employees will be able to apply for work-from-home positions and positions at other locations. There is no guarantee they will get work.

Convergys only has one call centre left. It's in Cape Breton.

Convergys closed a Dartmouth call centre in 2013, affecting more than 130 employees. It closed its Cornwallis centre in 2010. 

A retiree community?

Ted Margeson said it was the latest blow to the region. “There’s no jobs around here in Pictou County,” he said. 

His son's partner worked at Convergys for 13 years. They have two young children. 

“She’s just devastated. She just got the word today,” he said.

Margeson said the New Glasgow area is likely to end up as a community for retirees like him.

“They’re going to have to leave, I guess,” he said of his son's family. “To Halifax or Alberta.”

Peter MacKay, the MP for the area, spoke from Ottawa. 

"This is terrible news.  It’s very hard on families,” he said. “I’m very concerned.”

'Absolute shock'

Mayor Barrie MacMillan said he found out late this afternoon. “Absolute shock,” he said. “It’s certainly not going to help our economy. It’s devastating.”

MacMillan said the area's entrepreneur-based economy would rebound. But the loss of the call centre jobs, plus the March announcement that Michelin was cutting hundreds of jobs, combined for a terrible blow. 

“Where do you get 800 jobs in a short time?” he asked. “It’s challenging times, but I’m confident that we must remain strong and commited.”


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