The North River and District Fire Brigade is hosting a fundraiser after one of their own lost his house to a fire in Nuttby on Tuesday.

Cyril Smith's colleagues spent hours fighting the flames, but nothing could be done to save the house. Now they're doing what they can to help his family. Smith also received the page for help, but he was assigned to back up the firefighters.

"It really does hit home when it’s one of your own," said Cheryl Reade, a fire brigade captain.

"A lot of people have been gathering stuff, and I’ve been passing the word around with my co-workers."

Daughter stayed calm

Campbell Smith, 11, was home sick from school when the fire started in one of the bedrooms.

She crawled through the house, gathering the family's dog and two cats, and then ran for help. She said she tried to remember what her father taught her.

"Don't panic was what was going through my head," she said.

The home was not insured, but the Smiths hope to rebuild.

While they sort out their next steps, complete strangers continue to turn up with offers of help.

Even the Smiths' Internet provider got on board.

The family was facing a $500 bill from Seaside Communications after their rented antenna was destroyed in the fire. Seaside told the family not to worry about it after receiving an inquiry from the CBC.

"It's unreal how many people want to help you, and are so kind," said Charlie Smith, Campbell’s mom. "You know, I cannot say thank you enough."

The fire brigade will be having a benefit dance for the Smiths at the fire hall on April 27.