A memorial service will be held Tuesday morning for Alan Fraser, a 21-year-old Lower Sackville man who died in a construction accident in Clayton Park last week. 

The Department of Labour is investigating Fraser's death. He died after falling six storeys at a construction site on Greenpark Close last Thursday.

Daniel MacKenzie, 21, knew Fraser for two years.

“Always willing to be helpful, enthusiastic about everything he did,” he said. “Alan was a real terrific guy and it's really sad to see him go.”

He said Fraser even helped him get a summer job working in construction.

MacKenzie said he had no prior formal training in construction and none was offered by the company, Parkland Construction.

“It involved a lot of goat work, go do this, go do that — a lot of cleaning,” he said.   

MacKenzie believes Fraser was likely cleaning when he fell from the top floor.  

There were no guardrails in place at the time. They were installed after his death.   

“He wasn't afraid of heights, he had no problem working in high places. That's why I think he was up there to begin with because some people might not have liked it as much. He didn't have problems pretty much doing any job,” said MacKenzie.

It's unclear if Fraser was wearing a harness or a lanyard when he fell.