The Occupational Health and Safety division with the department of labour is investigating after a construction worker was injured at a work site in the Halifax suburb of Clayton Park.

The 25-year-old man was working on the sixth floor at a condo construction site on Greenpark Close behind the Home Depot on Friday. He was preparing to pour concrete when he fell.

The Parkland Construction Ltd. employee was working at a height of 2.9 metres, so he wasn't wearing fall protection.

In Nova Scotia, fall protection is required for anyone working at heights of three metres of more.

“However, given the fact there was a fall, we are asking the employer to develop a procedure to manage the fall risk when accessing and [leaving] that particular work area. There may or may not have been a safe way before, but in the future a formal process will be in place. The employer was given a week to develop this procedure,” said Nova Scotia government spokesperson Kristen Tynes in an email.

The man suffered injuries to his legs.

Emergency crews had to use a crane and a back brace to bring him down safely.

Work resumed at the site shortly after the accident.