Staff at the Halifax Regional Municipality are looking into the cost of extending city sidewalk plowing to the Halifax peninsula.

Other communities in the municipality such as Bedford, Dartmouth and Fairview already have the service, which is paid for by homeowners through an area rate.

Linda Mosher, the councillor for Armdale, said she wants to know if a similar service on the peninsula should be paid for through an area rate or a general tax rate in all areas with sidewalks.

"Other major cities such as Montreal, Calgary, all sidewalk clearing is cleared by the city. It's a 100 per cent municipal mandate," she said Tuesday.

"We've got  area rates and clearing in other areas but there's four districts that we don't, so 25 per cent of our municipality has barriers to pedestrian safety and there are real concerns."

Waye Mason, the councillor for Peninsula South Downtown, said he has heard from seniors and people with disabilities about the difficulty handling the "inconsistency" in snow clearing.

There's no word when the report on sidewalk plowing will be ready.

The cost of clearing bus stops in metro Halifax will go to regional council some time in March, in time to put into next year's snow and ice budget.

Jennifer Watts, the councillor for Connaught-Quinpool, said she's heard from residents who think they can do a better job than the city plows.

"Sometimes the concern is that people don't want to have the increase in tax. Others are saying that we do it much faster, much better," she said.