The principal of Citadel High School in Halifax says a mentorship program is needed to help steer students into making good decisions.

Wade Smith says it could help keep some students out of a life of crime.

"At Citadel High School we're looking at starting some programs that are directly about that, having adults come into the building to work with students," said Smith.

"To show students what they do for a living, and show them what parts of their lives they can look forward to as they get older."

With three homicides in Halifax in the last two weeks, there has been a lot of talk about how to try and solve the gun violence problem in the city.

Smith says a mentorship program for students is a good way to start.

"I think mentorship is paramount to any young man's success. I mean, I wouldn't be here without that."

Mentors of his own

Smith grew up in Halifax and says he had many excellent mentors when he was high school age.

He says those influential older men played an important role in shaping his life, which included going to university at St. Francis Xavier and becoming an educator.

Alyjah Ford is a Grade 11 student at Citadel High and likes the idea of a mentoring program.

"Here at Citadel we've got kids from all over, a lot of different age groups, a lot of different ethnicities," said Ford. "I think it would be a great thing for the school."

Sahil Khan is another Grade 11 student.

"I think it's a good idea because the adults know better than we do because they have experience with all of it."

3 homicides in 2 weeks

On Monday night, Tyler Keizer, 22, was shot and died later in hospital. His homicide was the 12th in the Halifax area in 2016. His killer has not been caught.

On Nov. 14, 58-year-old Terry Izzard was shot and killed. No arrests have been made in that case.

Shakur Jefferies, 21, was gunned down Nov. 12 on Washmill Lake Drive. Carvel Clayton, 21, is charged with second-degree murder in his death.

Smith says he would like to get Citadel High's mentorship program rolling as soon as possible and is encouraging anyone who would like to be a mentor to contact the school.