The coach of the girls' basketball team at Citadel High School in Halifax believes he has the winningest high school basketball team on record in Nova Scotia.

The Phoenix has won 87 games in a row. Students who joined the team when they started Grade 10 in September 2011 have never lost a game — now they're seniors.

Jill Edwards, a Grade 12 student, said the players try not to think about that when they're warming up for a game.

"We don't like to talk about the streak very much," Edwards told Stephanie Domet on Mainstreet.

"We try to look past that and just take it game by game."

Edwards said she realized "something big" was happening after her first provincial championship going into her Grade 11 year.

"The first year, you don't really know what to expect. Then after our first provincial championship it was such a big deal. And knowing that only five seniors had left us after our first year, knowing there were so many returning players to continue it was really exciting," she said.

"That's when I first really realized that it could be something big."

Becky Miller, another Grade 12 student, said all the players get along well on and off the court, and that creates the environment for success.

Nadeem Marson, the team's head coach, said the players also work hard and practise five or six times a week. He said the average spread in their games is 45 to 50 points.

"If think that if this was a guys' team it would have been the talk of the town two years ago," he said.