Metro Transit unveiled the new Christopher Stannix ferry on Wednesday morning in the Halifax Harbour.

Sharron Yetman, a friend of the Stannix family, was out early Wednesday.

"Before the crowd comes, you get to appreciate the ferry and our beautiful city," she said.

Yetman was neighbours with the Stannix family. Master Cpl. Christopher Stannix, 24, a graduate of Auburn Drive High School, was killed in 2007 in Afghanistan.  

"Chris would probably be laughing to think, 'I have my name on a ship,'" she said.

"I love to see that name on the bow of that ship. Chris is physically gone, but Chris is always with us, all the time. Chris was a fine young man."

Metro Transit is offering tours of the new vessel between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. It’s also offering free ferry rides all day.

Mayor Mike Savage will speak about Stannix and the ferry starting at 10 a.m. at Nathan Green Square near the Halifax ferry terminal. He will be joined by Ken and Kate Stannix, the soldier's parents.

"Ken and Kate and the whole family have gone through a whole lot, but they have done it with dignity and they have shown that you can overcome. Life is different, but you still go on and you can still make it a good life," Yetman said.

Staff are training on the Stannix Wednesday, so it won't be in service until the end of May. It is Halifax's first new ferry in 28 years.