Dangerous offender Christopher Newhook slashed another inmate in April, the Parole Board of Canada revealed in denying the Nova Scotia man any form of parole.

Newhook, 45, is in prison for an indeterminate sentence as a dangerous offender after 50 criminal convictions dating to 1987, including stabbing a Halifax neighbour in the head over a perceived dispute.

'The board believes you could commit a serious offence should you re-offend' - Parole Board of Canada

The parole board documents released Monday say he remains a high risk to re-offend. “You are currently housed in segregation due to slashing the neck and head area of another offender in April 2014 over your perceptions that the victim ‘ratted you out,’” the parole board told Newhook.

It did not elaborate on the injuries suffered by the victim.

“You have shown a propensity for violence by adopting various types of violent behaviours,” the board wrote.

It denied him day or full parole. Newhook chose not to participate in the hearing and did not send anyone to represent him. The hearing was held automatically.

Newhook has had ties with skinheads and has been a member of a white supremacist group.

In Ontario, his crimes include blinding a Vietnamese shopkeeper in one eye, assaulting two black women on a bus, and beating an aboriginal man who asked for a cigarette.

In the Halifax attack, he burst into a man’s apartment wielding a knife, yelling, “I am going to cut you and kill you,” the board said. He told the victim he was attacking him because “you ratted on me” in relation to an excessive noise complaint.

Newhook threatened the Crown prosecutor in his dangerous offender hearing. The Crown attorney argued he is a psychopath and racist and must be locked away to protect the public. 

“The board believes you could commit a serious offence, should you re-offend, and that you have displayed a propensity for violence,” the documents say.