Halifax police warn public about high-risk sex offender

Halifax Regional Police are warning the public about a man with a criminal history of sex offences who is deemed a high risk to reoffend.

Christopher Michael Watts has served time for manslaughter and sexual assault

Halifax Regional Police are warning the public about a man with a criminal history of sex offences who has been deemed a high risk to reoffend.

Christopher Michael Watts, 57, recently moved to Halifax after completing a sentence in British Columbia for manslaughter, sexual interference and sexual assault.

In a news release, police said Watts "has exhibited a pattern of providing large quantities of drugs to young girls and engaging in sexual activity with them without regard for their ability to consent."

The release also said Watts is considered "a high risk to reoffend sexually."

Police say Christopher Michael Watts, a high-risk sex offender, has been living in Halifax since his release from a British Columbia prison on Aug. 1. (Halifax Regional Police)

The circumstances of his criminal past mean police have a duty to let the public know he's in the area, said spokesperson Const. Alicia Joseph.

Joseph did not know why Watts decided to move to the Halifax area.

Watts is described as white with brown hair and brown eyes, standing six feet tall and weighing 160 pounds.

Extensive supervision conditions

His long-term supervision order includes multiple conditions, including that he not consume, purchase or possess alcohol or illegal drugs. He is also not permitted to own or possess any device that allows him internet access.

As well, Watts must not be in the presence of any girls under the age of 18 unless accompanied by a responsible adult who knows about his criminal past and is approved by his parole supervisor.

No program could be enough

Despite the extensive list of conditions, a Parole Board of Canada decision from July said the board is of the opinion "no appropriate program of supervision can be established that would adequately protect society from the risk of [Watts] reoffending."

The documents paint a disturbing picture of past crimes, including hosting a party in 2001 where Watts gave a 13-year-old girl various pills that caused her death.

"You appear to have ignored concerns expressed by her friends and did not allow an ambulance to be called until she was near death. You sexually assaulted the victim while she was comatose," the documents said.

A 'career criminal'

In 1989, Watts was convicted of forcible confinement in a case involving a 16-year-old girl. These cases are part of a pattern that, according to parole board documents, led to Watts "apparently [considering himself] a career criminal."

"You admitted having sexual relations with at least a dozen women when they were unable to give consent due to incapacity caused by intoxication," the documents said.

The documents also said Watts has used aliases, including assuming the name of a dead child, and repeatedly violated the conditions of his supervision orders.

Halifax police have asked anyone who witnesses Watts violating his latest parole conditions to call 911.

With files from Sherri Borden Colley and Brett Ruskin